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Artist Murray Wagnon

Artist Murray Wagnon

Growing up in the central coastal region of California, I gained   exposure, at an early age, to the art colonies and galleries of Big Sur, Carmel, and San Francisco. As a teenager I explored the colony of Artists, Writers, and Musicians living in the houseboats along the waterfront of Sausalito. It was on one of those houseboats, shared by Alan Watts, and Artist Jean Varda, that I first decided I wanted to be an artist. Watching the creative process as Varda built his monumental sculptures made of found objects, such as discarded cable spools, rusty machine parts, and old cans of house paint, I was struck by the feeling that this was the most natural way for a man to live. It was during those years that I began to take creative art workshops from local artists, and artisans.

Formal Art Training:

Santa Clara University, West Valley College, Mission College, Private Workshops, Independent Studies.

As a student, I was involved in ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, abstract and representational painting, photography, commercial art, advertising design, and art history.

I have done intense independent studies of : The Impressionists and their evolutionary, descendants, with a special emphasis on Cezanne.  The Abstract Expressionists of the New York School.  The California plein air painters.

“I am driven to express my interpretation of the world around me, filtered through my own esthetic sensibility.




Events & shows:

1975  “The Full Moon Raku” Pescadero Creek

1976  de Saisset Museum – Santa Clara University

1977  San Jose Art League Gallery Two Man Show w/Dr. Delmar Kolb

1978  City Hall Invitational Exhibition – San Jose City Council

1985  Windows on Art – Arts Council, City of San Jose

1993  Triton Museum- KTEH Channel 54 ‘On Air Art Auction’ exhibition (2nd Prize – mixed media)

1993-2006  KTEH Channel 54 On Air Art Auctions & Exhibitions

2009  “Our Home Town” exhibit, Pacific Grove Art Assoc.

2009  Pacific Grove Art Association Founder’s Show

2009  Featured Artist Show – Le Beau Soleil Gallery, Pacific Grove

2010  Featured artist Show at Gallery Saratoga

2010 “Fences” Exhibit, Corral de Tierra Country Club

2011 “small to LARGE” exhibit, Pacific Grove Art Assoc.

2011 “Paint San Juan Bautista” Galleria Tonantzin, San Juan Bautista

2011  Featured Artist Show at Gallery Saratoga

2011  Solo Exhibit – Saratoga Community Center

2011  Signature Show MBPAPA- Carmel Art Institute

2012  “Impressions of the central Coast”, Comerica/Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2012  “Two Local Artists”, Saratoga Community Center

2012  “Paint San Juan Bautista II”, Galleria Tonantzin, San Juan Bautista

2013 “From Field to Fork”, Comerica/Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2013 “MBPAPA Signature Show”, Mountainsong Galleries, Carmel-by-the-Sea

2013 “Painting From Life”, the David Henry Gill Gallery, Pacific Grove Art Center

2013 “Paint San Juan Bautista III”, Cafe 15, San Juan Bautista, Ca.

2013 “MBPAPA Signature Artists Exhibit”, Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2013 “Paint The Town” exhibition at the Alvarado Gallery, Monterey Convention Center

2014 “California History – The Mission Trail” Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2014 “Art Docents of Los Gatos” Event – The Art Museum of Los Gatos – Los Gatos, Ca.

2014 “MBPAPA Signature Members Exhibit” – The Alvarado Gallery, Monterey, Ca.

2014 “Artists in the Adobes 2014” Old Monterey Foundation

2014 “The Heart of Steinbeck Country” – Carmel Visual Arts

2014 “The Language of Flowers” Emily Dickenson exhibit – Pacific Grove Library

2014 “Wonders of the Carmel River” – Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District

2015 “Healing Waters” – Natividad Medical Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2015 “Paint the Village” – Quail & Olive, Carmel Valley Village – Exhibition Judge

2015 “Our Best Work” – the David Henry Gill Gallery, Pacific Grove Art Center

2015 “Big Sur Plein Air Competition” – Studio One, Big Sur, Ca.

2015 “Fall Colors of the Central Coast” – Sunset Center, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca.

2015 “Celebrating Monterey County” – Government Center, Salinas Ca.

2016 “Healing Feast for the Soul” – Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

2016 “Scenic Roadways of Monterey County 2016” – Transportation Agency for Monterey County, Salinas, Ca.

2016 “Our Piece of Paradise” – MBPAPA – Pacific Grove Art Center

2016 “Art Takes Wing” – MBPAPA Signature Members – Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

2017 “From Morning Mists to Setting Suns” – Natividad Foundation, Salinas, CA

2017 “Steinbeck Country”  MBPAPA – CSUMB Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA

2017 “Small Town Flavor” MBPAPA Signature Members Annand Gallery, Pacific Grove Art Center

2017 “2018 Celebrating Monterey County Calendar” – Arts Council for Monterey County

2017 ” “Celebrating Monterey County” 12th Annual Juried Show – the Arts Council for Monterey County.

“KTEH Channel 54 On Air Art Auction Exhibition” 2nd Prize Mixed Media 1993 The Triton Museum, Santa Clara, Ca.

“Impressions of the Central Coast” Honorable Mention, 2012, Comerica/Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

“California History, The Mission Trail” Honorable Mention. 2014, Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

“Artists in the Adobes 2014” Old Monterey Foundation – First Prize – Best Adobe

“Big Sur Plein Air Competition” 2015, Studio One, Big Sur, Ca. – Honorable Mention

“Healing Feast for the Soul” Honorable Mention – 2016 Natividad Foundation, Salinas, Ca.

“Scenic Roadways of Monterey County 2016” – Transportation Agency for Monterey County – Hon. Mention


The Haute Enchilada Gallery – Moss Landing, Ca.


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